Game Update 1.15 - July 19th, 2021

That’s exactly what’s happened to me tonight.
Spent an hour trying to connect it,
Running Zwift on iPhone X latest iOS
Tacx flux2

Didn’t work:-( Still not downloading to Strava today or files that can be manually uploaded.

STRYDE foot pod no longer is seen by ride app. Cant use it for cadence. Still is seen in run mode.

Yeah same for me too.

The actual segments were correct but the display on the left showed the higher power for both under and over sections.

This update is garbage. Why are we testing your awful update? That’s your job. I’ve had Zwift for two years and you guys haven’t improved anything. As soon as there’s more competition in this business I’m jumping ship. I can promise you that.


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Having issues when trying to run. Always connect via companion and it won’t work it sees my stryd but then doesn’t actually run

Using Apple TV 4K 2021

It might not be related but we are having a similar issue with Stryd. We have two Stryd’s and Zwift used to list both so we could pick the correct one (they were listed with a number e.g. ‘Stryd 001’, ‘Stryd 002’, etc.). Recently the number has been removed from the list and just a single Stryd is listed so often it picks up the wrong one and avatar won’t move. Only solution we’ve found it to move the other Stryd out of range.

I was also having issue with the heart monitor. After 30 mins of randomly trying everything it worked but the companion screen remained blank either way it connected my stryd and HR to the Apple TV so I didn’t touch it and completed my run so maybe a companion issue?

Meetups and joining late. This is still buggy and can’t join within the 30mins. Either it won’t find the group or you ride in the sky (glitches).

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Had the same bouncy pack dynamics and failure to correctly save/upload issue yesterday (Apple TV) on London (as well as graphical glitches) today did an event on a Yorkshire circuit and there seemed to be no such issues and immediately after the update did Classics in NYC no issues. It kind of feels like these issues being reported are limited to particular worlds/courses?

Signed up for Roval Climbing Challenge in Companion App.
Started Zwifting.
No join event button appeared.
Quit Zwift.
Double checked I was signed up in Companion.
Tried again.
Still no join button.
Switched everything off at mains.
Tried again.
Still no join button appeared.
…Did a free ride
Apple TV 4K 2017

Kish, I’m on MacOS 11.4 with no crashes at the mo…what’s happening?

I’ll also add that I had constant crashes a while ago, and despite it being a high spec Mac, that i run pretty intense programmes on, Zwift was the only thing to crash it. Now, here’s a word of warning as unfortunately, it appears that Zwift crashing was a warning that my Logic board was dying (and like i mentioned, i use heavy programmes every day for my work)…I won’t go into further details, but the crashing got worse, started to affect everything and once my logic board was replaced, all the zwift crashing stopped (well, except for the message bug).

So to summrise, watch out for your logic board if Zwift is the only thing crashing…hopefully it’s not that, but just throwing it out there.

I have exactly the same problem . No issue with Zwift previously . Today when I clicked on Zwift , was asked to update . Right after update I couldn’t use both my Assioma pedal power meter as power source and T300 as controllable … Well , cancelling Zwift subscription


See Can't pair both Controllable and Power signals separately [1.15.0] [July 2021]

Same here on Apple TV

The in game sound remains running clipping/failing in Android 10 Galaxy Tab A7 2020. It runs fine in my Android 9 Moto G6 Plus.

My usually reliable STRYD foot pod will no longer reliably connect to ZWIFT Run via Apple TV OR the companion app. My Wahoo arm HRM is having the same issues. It took me twenty minutes to actually connect both this morning and thirty minutes into a run the STRYD disconnected and now neither will reconnect. I have already made sure one hundred times over that they are not connected to any other Bluetooth devices.

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Getting out of Zwift until problem is solve

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Husband said he noticed this same thing this morning.