"Game" option missing in Companion App on Android since last Companion update

SInce the last Companion App update on Android, “Game” is no longer appearing as an option when I click on the 3 lines in the top left corner.

All other options (Home, Clubs, Evens, Activities, etc.) are still there.

was there for me.

When you loaded the app while riding did it initially go to the game screen?


Wasn’t there yesterday, and wasn’t there today.

Tried switching my phone off and on again today, but still not there.

No game screen means no WiFi connection with Zwift.

sounds like the app isn’t connecting to the zwift game.

make sure you’re on the same wifi network and aren’t having too many wifi signal issues.

My Companion often takes a couple of minutes to display the Game screen.

Thanks everyone.

It worked agin yesterday, so hopefully a two-off wifi issue.