Game option disappear from menu?

I noticed this week the Game option has disappeared from my zwift companion app. I reinstalled, but no change. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, know how to resolve this? I usually have it open next to me as I ride, so I’d like to get back to having that option. Thanks!

Are you certain you’re connected to the same Wifi I which you are running Zwift?

I’d be willing to stake a fair amount of cash that’s what the issue is.

I often experience a bit of a delay before the Game option appears - up to maybe 3 minutes?

Even that sounds extreme. Normally 10 seconds tops.

Ah, that’s it. Thanks! I feel like an idiot. My router went out earlier this week and I’ve been struggling to get a strong wifi signal since so I’ve been running my phone off data. This has to be it given the timing.

Dan Vitina

Glad that sorted it.

I almost staked my life on it but was afraid of an early death.

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TBD until i ride again but i think that’s it. Either way I think you’ll live to ride again :laughing:

Yep, that’s been more normal but I’ve seen much longer delays. Given that it does eventually connect I can rule out the"wrong network" issue.