Companion app not pairing to game

Anybody else have issues with the companion app not having the Game selection on home screen?

What do you mean by Game selection? i assume events section?

Or it’s not linking to the game and therefore not coming up with the ongoing activity which it titled Game in the menu?

If so that’s generally a local issue linked to Wi-Fi issues.

No, when you select a ride/race the app is supposed to go to the game screen where you can see map and give ride-on’s, etc. It did until recently.
Also a “Game” selection appears on Home screen menu but it no longer does that.

This means your Companion app is not communicating with your device running Zwift. This document covers some of the basic troubleshooting. As Stuart mentioned it’s often related to a local network issue that is preventing the two from seeing each other. More advice may be available if you give details about your devices and network topology.

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Thanks for help. I reset my router and the issue is gone!

Thanks for reply. I reset my modem/router and it appears to have fixed the issue.

If only everything was so easy.