Futureworks steering welcome every time

I’m getting the pop up ‘welcome to futureworks steering’ message (that needs yet another click), and then the post ride survey before and after every ride… its starting to get really really annoying, especially as my Sterzo BLE connection is flaky at best, so half the time I give up trying to connect it and just go ride before I’ve managed to get it working.

Am I the only one?

Has steering gotten better? Was pulling the trigger on a Sterzo but all I see is harder to draft can’t get into lanes on pack you would IRL, so group/racing no fun and most aren’t allowing it. I’m mostly badge having and was thinking at least could AVOID sticky draft effect on haute route type events abs races uphill but if can’t draft well elsewhere seems to negate the effort. AND I already have a climb which I love so would be choosing. Happy to spend $125 of good sometimes but bot hearing much, AND (other than kicker bike) aren’t other options coming? AND and thinking of setting up maybe an excessively steering wheel like put Sterzo on the desk and take hands off bar onto steering when want to beat of both worlds w climb?