Future Courses/ Islands

Oh no…Triple Alp coming? and a backside from the jungle to the Tower?
Super Duper Uber Pretzel…takes about three days to finish.
Ventoux and Stelvia versions? or just random additions???

I need a lighter bike…is there an E version I can get in drop shop?


I’m actually starting to like New York well parts of it. I am drawn to the Highline (mmm…wonder why?) and I love the perimeter and Laguardia for races. I think there are too many course options with many that do not make sense.
The highline would be better if the guardrail color matched the gradient (purple = 0 blue 1-3, green 4-7, yellow 8-10, orange 11-13, and red 14-17. Would help me not having to read the corner box to see it. I guess I have Watopia and Richmond memorized (how many times did I ride Richmond Hils lol).

Check this ride out. Umbrail and both sides of the Stelvio! That would be a long day on the trainer but it would be fun too!

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I rode the Stelvio on RoadGrandTours. It’s got a lot of switchbacks and nice scenery. Ever try it?

I haven’t tried it. I can tell you that it is a beautiful climb. Coming up from Bormio is the easiest of the 3 ascents and I don’t think the scenery gets good until to last 3rd but I would go back in a heart beat.

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It would be nice to have iconic Ironman Distance courses like Ironman Kona or Challenge Roth.

I believe that triathletes make up an important part of Zwift and some specific courses would be nice.

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That’s cool, and needs to happen


yes BUT as a pure road cyclist i must say if this will happen only after this will have been implemented:

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IM Kona is such a boring course. I don’t see what Zwift would spend the money making this unless there was enough demand from triathletes to at least off set the costs.

Personally I really like the addition of a long flat coastal road around the Alpe including 1 of 2 more climbs towards the top. It would make the triatletes happy because there would be a possibility for a very long flattish road. The 2 extra climbing possibilities would also make the users happy that want more climbing possibilities.

It would also give the possibility for some awsome GranFondo courses to be designed (I am doing the Marmottes Alpes this year, and would love some additional long climbs in Watopia).

That sounds great :slight_smile:
Some scenarios are already online.
I posted some ideas years back the fotos above are not valid anymore so here again:

Look @ the last picture. Some kind of “never ending bridge” around Watopia or to “Watopia 2” would be nice. A bridge around 20 km to 25 km long.
Perfect TT course.

How about the road to Hana in Maui? It’s a peach of a road with twists, turns, coastline and some climbing.

Riding on the Big Island was great! I would love a cliff side ride! Show off the vanilla factory, coffee plantations, farmers markets, the smell of smashed rotten mango on the road (that’s more around Captain Cook though), etc. I only hope if they go for this route they don’t pick the boring IM course as there are such many better roads.

I would also love to see them do more with “El Giro de Rigo”. Antioquia, Colombia is one of the most amazing places in the world that I’ve ridden. Completely under the radar to most of the cycling world.

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+1 on a 28 mile FLAT course for triathletes, old geezers, fat riders and flatlanders. Not everyone is young, superfit and climbs mountains.



Love this! :muscle: I would just add the other side to the alpe :grin:

I think that both of these maps have elements that are desirable, personally I like the use of the backside of the Alpe, better road lines around Feugo Flats, and the Epic KOM to base of Alpe extension looks good.

That being said I like the use of the bridge in Feugo Flats, the extra parts behind Epic KOM. Great ideas in both.

*top map is not mine, it was posted by someone else a few months back (Jonathan Festers I think)


While I love all of the new roads being proposed in these maps, I do wonder how much memory it would take up. Right now, as I understand it, once you pick a world the entire map is loaded to your computer. This is what allows people to then disconnect their internet and ‘ride solo’. I have no real idea of how much space loading the map takes on my Apple TV, but It would not be good if the game started getting glitchy due to the large amount of terrain being loaded.

Is the new larger map on ZwiftInsider or did you make that?! Anyway, I like what you’ve done!

Hi Johnathan, I cant take credit for the new large one. I copied it from Ciaran’s post and put yours there for the comparison!

Like I said, I like elements from both! Lots of potential there.

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