Full release notes

When will there be standard software release notes here with version numbers, etc? Are they being posted somewhere else at the moment?

I’d be interested in this as well! Something more on the ‘technical’ side.

I would love to see a detailed breakdown of the changes - ala World of Warcraft dev team does it well.

Also, if there are any substantial hardware requirement changes that will affect users (even 1%) give heads-up before patch.

Great update - saw a ton of things in my ride today, looking good.

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Moving this topic to General Discussion :slight_smile:

All the release note are usually posted here. Or did I miss understood the question. It is also on top of the companion app when a new release came out.

These are not complete release notes generally associated with software releases. These are truncated notes. Full release notes generally have a ticket number and associated engineering resources listed along with a detailed description of the feature/bug fix. This allows engineering and management to track how long an issue has existed before it’s resolved and QA to compare the solution to the bug description. Typically full release notes are verbose and more technical in nature. This also allows more savvy users to trouble shoot on their side without resubmitting the same bug many times.

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