FTP Zones when customising workout

Hi everyone, first post and novice zwifter and rider.

I’ve been on zwift for about three months, I’ve done two FTP tests. I have just started to do an 80/20 (Fitzgerald) half Ironman plan.

When I try and customise a workout to mirror the 80/20 plan, that is easy, but when I drag and drop the different zones to make up the elements of the plan, the zone percentages and watt ranges are below that specified in the 80/20 online calculator for the same FTP.

I can’t seem to get the zwift elements to match and on the relevant zones I have to drag up the watt values until it reaches only the bottom of the stated values of each range and then sometimes it takes it to the next zone so I am finding it impossible to customise any workout against the 80/20 zones.

It may be me but would the zone values not mirror each other.

Hope this is understandable and someone can help.



The easiest way is to open a free training peaks account and sync this with zwift. This will then upload all the cycling plans to zwift with the correct zones. If you purchased the plan via training peaks of course.