FTP Update (manual)

The last time i attempted my FTP test it only let me push out 180 watts when the ERG mode was released. As a result, I needed to conduct my FTP in trainer road. 

How do I manually update my new FTP into Zwift so that my workouts leverage the correct power levels in ERG?

Hey Adam - 

You can update your FTP from two places. While logged into the game, you can access it from the Workouts menu, in the lower left corner of the menu. You can adjust it with the slider, or click inside the FTP box to edit it manually.

Your FTP can also be adjusted from the Profile screen, accessed by clicking the orange pen and paper icon under your name on the Pause screen.

Ride on!

Why cant you simply update it here:  https://my.zwift.com/profile/edit    you have to be logged in to the game (which I don’t have access to all the time) and you can’t do it on your mobile app.   


There are updates coming to the website and this may be one of the features implemented.