FTP Shorter Test Not Working

I tried performing the FTP Shorter Test in Watopia Tempus Fugit (the flattest course). The elevation shown was the same as the regular course. However, the FTP Test wasn’t working, as it created such high resistance that made it nearly impossible to pedal (it felt like I was climbing a mountain), and the speed didn’t make sense, as it showed 20+ MPH, even though the watts showed 70-80, and I could barely move the pedals. I exited the ride, tried again, and had the same issue. I was worried that it was an issue with my trainer, so I exited that ride and tried a normal “Just Ride” on the same course, and everything worked as normal - proper resistance and watts and speed made sense. Is anyone else having these issues? Were you able to figure out a way to get the FTP Shorter Test to function properly? Does Zwift know about these issues, and are they working to fix them?

@Mike_Hauser when you go to the FTP test within workouts check your FTP (bottom right corner), it may be set to high. All FTP tests start out in ERG mode with a warm-up and at least one high intensity block to wipe out your anaerobic system. Once you get to the test part you control resistance with the up and down arrows in the companion app. You’ll want to find a level you feel you can maintain the whole ride.

If your FTP is set too high though at the start you won’t be able to complete the blocks for the anaerobic section.