FTP not automatically updating with new Apple TV setup

Recently changed my Zwift setup to apple TV 4K rather than running though windows 10 PC. I’ve since noticed I don’t get an automatic FTP update anymore. Any ideas?

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Dumb question but did your FTP increase during the test. The popup only show if you increase your FTP.

Hi, Yes my FTP was 217 before Mondays ride when I averaged 237w over an hours ride. I was expecting to see the Oh Yeah FTP increase detected but didn’t so had to adjust it manually.

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Are you sure it was 217w.

Looking at Zwift power it look like you had another hard 20 min in November

Thanks for the reply, as I’ve been off the bike for a while and struggling with fitness I thought I had reduced my FTP down to 200 a while back. I remember seeing an auto update on my old PC setup to 217W but haven’t seen any updates since changing over to apple TV. And yes the ride in November didn’t update my FTP either? I updated it from 217W manually yesterday after reviewing my Zwift Power. Its strange because my son is new to cycling and has set his own account up and his doesn’t seem to be updating either?

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