Ftp update

First off, apologies if this is not the right place for this.

I did a ride today and at the end my best 20 minute power was up to 321w from 294, however my ftp was not updated. It was my understanding that if your 20 power increases, so does your ftp. Am I just confused? I am very new to all of this so please forgive my ignorance. Thanks!


Welcome Jeff This is the correct place.

It would normally update, you can manually update your ftp in zwift.

Your ftp is 321 x 0.95 = 305w.

I would rather suggest you do the zwift ftp test as it is more structured and therefore more repeatable.

Thank you sir! I did an ftp test last week which ended at 290w, then during a subsequent ride i was notified
that it increased to 294. That’s why I was so confused today when it didnt update. Thanks for the info!

Did your ride save correctly?

Yeah, everything saved correctly. I just went and looked at my stats and 20m power is still at 309(294 ftp). I dont know where I got the 321 figure. Brain fart I guess. I would have swore I saw it tho. Thanks for your input.


Ok, so here is where I got the 321w number from. I knew I wasn’t crazy hahaha. It appears that it’s just inconsistency between zwift and Garmin? Any insight? Sorry to keep beating a dead horse.

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Was that recorded with your Garmin head unit from the same power source?

No sir, it was recorded via swift on an ipad from my smart trainer and then shared to strava and garmin respectively after the ride. Average power is consistent between all 3 platforms, for what it’s worth.

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