Beginner FTP doubled - bug?

Total newbie here, both to Zwift and road cycling in general.

I’m following what I think is the golden path for a beginner. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Fit & Fun Workout One
FTP Ramp Test Lite (to set a base line for workouts to follow)
Zwift 101 Cycling training
Roule Ma Poule
FTP Builder training (6 weeks) - started today

So the ramp test set my FTP at 128, which seemed totally reasonable, and the Zwift 101 training went smoothly. After that, I wanted to start the FTP Builder training for beginners, but I had a few days to wait until it unlocked. During that time I decided to do my first route, which was Roule Ma Poule.

Today, when I started the FTP Builder, the first workout had me doing 150W “rests” and 195W intervals! I stupidly killed myself doing the warmup, then noped out.

So what happened? I was shocked to find out my FTP setting had changed from 128 to 268! I have no idea when it actually changed. I certainly didn’t do it myself. Was it after I finished my first training session, or was it after I finished the route? On the route I averaged around 100 with a max of 200, so 268 feels like a bug of some kind. How paranoid do I need to be that it can wildly change like that?

I’m using a Neo 2T btw. Thanks!

Of course now that I posted this, a thought just occurred to me. I’m using the Apple TV 4k, and navigating the UI is - well, challenging to say the least. I’m wondering if I accidentally went into the FTP setting while fumbling with the crazy sensitive touch surface on the ATV remote.

Did I hear there’s a new UI on the way? Please let it be true…

lol … you wouldnt be the first to do this (slider for ftp in the Training Plans is the likely culprit).

And yes, new UI coming (see here). Zwift seem to be struggling rolling this out to Win10 uses, they ahev said they are internally testing Macs, so other platforms will follow.

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The Apple TV remote is horrific for Zwift. When I used an ATV I’d do a bunch of stuff in Zwift on my phone pre ride to avoid doing it in the Apple TV. To edit your ftp there is the slider in the workout selection area, or start a ride (which is what I’d do on my phone with nothing paired), hit the menu button, select to edit your profile (near top left corner) and then you can enter your ftp by typing rather than a slider.

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