Set ftp

I accidentally skipped setting the ftp on startup, how can I set this now?  Thanks

Hi Joseph,

We don’t set the FTP in Zwift. Which screen are you referring to?

Eric - I think he’s talking about the initial settings dialog that pops up when you first log in to Zwift.

Joseph - you can get to the settings screen from the pause screen (i.e. ride a bit and then stop on the course) and then finding the settings icon on the right side of the screen towards the bottom.

The FTP number isn’t used for anything (yet), so you don’t really need to worry about it. I would expect it to show up on the profile page on the website when it becomes relevant.

thats my question for what you are using the FTP, i can not see a use for it at this point?!


It’s probably a placeholder for future functionality (i.e., workout mode)

now that the training beta has launched - we do need to set the FTP but I can’t see that on my profile.  Do we have ot do your FTP test to set it or can we manually enter it?

I took the FTP test and my results flashed on the screen for a moment then went away.  Is this data stored anywhere?

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That is exactly my question to Carey. 

Where can I see the FTP in Zwift?

i found it-  See attached images…

Great thanks Carey. Greetings from Sweden :slight_smile: