FTP issue


I haven’t used Zwift over summer and I packed it back in Satori Smart original box. After returning it back in usage September, I have noticed that my FTP is much much worse then before.

Before summer I could regulary drive and hold about 300W, but now I have a feeling that my trainer will explode in pieces on 250 ( I had that feeling on 450-500 before summer).

Is that just my body issue ( although I have few kg less then before) or It could be something with trainer?


Very wide question :slight_smile:
How is your trainer calibration? What was the last time you did it?

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Right in the middle, green! I did it again but it stays the same.

any wheel slipping?

No, it looks OK.

It’s a longshot maybe, but… check to be sure that your trainer is correctly identified on the equipment pairing screen.

Since the NYC update, I have (on at least 2 occassions) noticed that my trainer was labeled as something different than what it is. I’ve had the same trainer (Elite Direto) since February and it’s always been ID’d by the same alphanumeric ID w/ no issues. The day of the NYC update, it was picked up as ‘Elite Smart (something or other)’ and when I started riding, I got a notification that I unlocked the ‘Elite kit’.

I thought that was weird, since I’ve been using an Elite trainer for months - but didn’t think much about it otherwise. But… then I noticed that resistance control was all screwed up. Wasn’t correlated with changes in elevation, etc.

I quit the ride, went back to the pairing screen, and unpaired ‘Elite Smart blah blah blah’ then searched and found the same signal I’d always picked up by default. Now, I’m always sure I pay attention to the pairing screen on startup just in case.


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Interesting…I didn’t pay attention on that, I get notice that it is paired and then I just press OK, I will check if numbers are OK.

Thanks for the tip!