FTP - incorrect update

I just did an FTP test. 20 minute - short protocol.

It told me that I did 329w for 20 min (that appears correct) and that my new FTP was 313w (also correct). When I went double-checked the update, it had updated to 318w.

Assuming that I had too much sweat in my eyes I confirmed with my feed to trainingpeaks - and sure enough - 329w for 20min and an ftp of 313.

I point this out because I see A LOT of complaining about bad cat enf in the zwift subreddit and this COULD be part of the issue.

Take a look at your profile on the Zwift.com website to see your CE data. Click on My Feed → My Profile → More Info to see what it thinks about your power. The CE zFTP is not really related to your FTP. Post a screenshot here if you feel comfortable sharing it and you may get more feedback.

In case you’re confused, no, it doesn’t appear you can get to zwiftcom thru any available link on this forums website.