FTP detected colour question

In the past, you would sometimes receive a pleasant graphic after a ride that an FTP increase was detected. Your old FTP is shown in white and the new one in yellow. It then updated on Zwiftpower, I manually updated on Strava.

Recently I received the same, except that the new FTP was in grey. It also did not update to ZP. What is the meaning of the new grey FTP value?

You have to update that manually - its not automagically updated.

Zwift did some font changes in last update so perhaps its just a font update? Did you get a screenshot of it?

Ah OK, thought it was automatic. Does it pull it from Strava by chance? I must test that and see

Interesting, thanks. The background “confetti” is all a bit broken too. A few posts also mention white deer around the place too (for example) so a few strange graphic/font issues around the place that seem related. Are you on an iPad/IOS device by chance?

No, ZP doesn’t pull FTP from Zwift of Strava either. Having it in ZP doesnt really serve any purpose so its purely informational.

Apologies for late reply with the Holidays … Yes, I use iOS from my cell or iPad to Zwift.

Thanks for the feedback

I had another one of these FTP increases, that seems not be an increase … wonder what it is all about?!

How is that not an increase?

Edit - ok, I think you’re referring to the increased FTP value being in grey, which does look odd.

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Yeah, the grey ones seem to not be recognized as I keep improving from 329w which was the last yellow number I received.