FTP currently at Zero

My FTP is currently showing as zero despite having done a couple of rides totalling over 2 hours - I understood that the FTP is calculated automatically but this doesn’t seem to be happening - any advice? Thanks in advance,

When you say your FTP is zero, where are you looking?

In app, I start a ride, press menu, then click edit icon by my name to get my profile: height, age etc, including FTP - I was expecting it to be set by last ride of over an hour

I’m not 100% sure, but Zwift might only estimate your FTP if you are in an event or race. Were the rides you refer to just free rides or were you part of an event?

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It should update on rides as well.

I would suggest change it to 50watt and go for a hard ride and see if it update.

If that doesn’t work do the short FTP test.