frustrating to learn! need a tutorial!!! (a proper one)

i just got a kickr and started zwift yesterday… some of it is intuitive and some is very frustrating…

i can’t figure out a lot of the icons settings etc.  

i did the 25km intro ride which turned into the last 10k straight up hill…and i didn’t find anything to tell me if or when if would ever level off… basically no elevation map… after 30 minutes of frustratin post workout research ive come to discover that the only ride detail is in the top right  and its a tiny shadow overlaying a small map segment.

still don’t know what the chart on the bottom of the screen means…i thought it was the elevation chart, but i didn’t know where i was in relation to all the ups and downs…by the end of my ride i think that it is either charting my actual efforts or the current resistance im experiencing

i hate not understanding something that i think is supposed to be super easy…

by now ive spent a good two hours looking for a tutorial or something

please link me to something useful

what is the sad toast icon and the knee and the smile face and why wasnt i warned that my trial workout was going to be a 1/2 hour uphill at the end, so i can plan for it???

I have been Zwifting for a couple of weeks now. After doing several rides, I agree that a more obvious elevation profie would be nice.   Unlike real world riding, you just don’t get the same visual sense that you are going uphill, and it would be nice to know how much hill is left.

This may help -