Things I would have known had i read the owners manual

Is there a comprehensive tips and tricks / user’s guide for Zwifters? I mean it only took me about three years to find out that tapping the circle on the map sends mass kudos!?! So im looking for you favorite tips and tricks.


I just kept looking at YouTube videos and asking questions in-app. It took me far too long to figure out the circle thing. Getting a legend for all the color icons would be nice too.

When I was looking at option getting in to riding indoors, someone described Zwift as a cartoon riding game with a steep learning curve. It is, at face value so ‘simplistic’, and yet so incredibly complicated too. I never got the idea of the Companion app and why it was particularly necessary until later in my experience too (months later).

There is a woman that does a YouTube channel about cycling and I think photography, and she had one of the best intro videos I saw, but the usual suspects are DC Rainmaker, and GPLama.

But I was frustrated when I was trying to get the whole ‘ride on’ thing. People would say ‘Just click in the white circle!’ and I would ask ‘What white circle?’. So many assumed that I was using the Companion already. As if it’s common sense. I see so many riders that aren’t using it, still. But there is help out there for getting up to speed on Zwift.

I’ll look for that one video I appreciated and post it here…

1 Like has tons of info, you can search that site with keywords for any questions you might have.


That’s her! Thank you.

Have a look at the YouTube channel “Endurance Sweat”. He covers all the basics in a really simple way. I found this really helpful when I first started.

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