Fréquence de pédalage

nouveau sur zwift je vous remercie de bien vouloir m accueillir
je suis aussi nouveau en cyclisme
je suis français et suis nul en anglais
ma question est la suivant je roule habituellement et facilement a 80 rpm
mon objectif est avant les beaux jours d atteindre 90 rpm
quel plan d entraînement ou seance dois je utiliser ?
merci de votre aide
Google translate
new on zwift thank you for welcoming me
I am also new to cycling
I am French and suck at English
my question is the following I usually and easily drive at 80 rpm
before sunny days my goal is to reach 90 rpm
which workout or session should I use?
Thank you for your help

Can’t give a single workout, but I’ve just finished the build me up training plan. Every workout has specified cadence (rpm) targets which vary from probably 60-110+. It has moved my favoured cadence up from around 75 to around 90-100.

Welcome Phillippe!

I also can’t really recommend a single workout - as David says, most workouts have some sort of cadence target, and if they don’t, you can ride your own cadence. As you said that you are a beginner I’ve looked for a shorter workout that is a recovery workout but that you could use to also practice spinning at different rpm. You could do this between your other riding as its a recovery workout so shouldn’t tire you out. Where it doesn’t give you a target in that workout try spinning at 90 rpm. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Merci a vous deux
je vais quitter zsift apres mon essai car je ne comprends rien à l anglais
donc quand il yaura une vraie traduction je reviendrai