Workouts.... Details and better information?

Anyone happen to know if there is a way to look at workouts and get more information than what is given on Zwift?

I really would like to see what the RPM expectations are in any given section as 85 seems to be my top end

I don’t know about everyone else but when I hit my bottom and top end of what I consider comfortable I shift I to the next/previous gear

Bouncing around trying to do 100 RPM at 125W seems completely rediculus and impossible to do

If I had that info prior to starting the workout I wouldn’t waste my time selecting it and finding out the hard way by trial and error

Any help is appreciated… Thanks for reading

Cadence targets in workouts are optional. You are not penalized if you just do your best and don’t meet those targets.

Oh, I didn’t know that

Thanks for that piece of information

It would be kind of annoying to have that increase RPM flashing the whole time though LoL

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In the longer term, it’s really useful to be able to produce power at a wide range of cadences. If workouts don’t have cadence targets, I’ll often set them for myself. It can help break up the monotony of threshold efforts, for example.

I could do 12 minutes at 100% FTP at 90rpm, or I could do:

1 mins at 70rpm
3 mins at 90rpm
1 mins at 60rpm
3 mins at 100rpm
1 mins at 50rpm (standing)
3 mins at 110rpm

You get the idea. The cool thing is that as well as being less bored, you spread the work across different muscles, which as well as reducing fatigue means more adaptations which means FASTER!

BTW, in both cases the average cadence is 90rpm. I checked the arithmetic :joy:

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