Freeze lag?

Since the last updates I have experienced freeze lag where the picture stops for a second or two before continuing, is there someone else having the same problems?

Setup is PC with intel i5 and 8GB ram, 128gb SSD drive, Nvidia GTX1060 gfx card. Never experienced this before on Zwift


I noticed something similar but I’m not sure… I’ve had my PC off for a while so I can see that it’s working on downloading updates in the background but I saw Zwift freezing up for a second or two at a time but the screen comes on again, it looks like I’m about in the same position. I never had the problem in the winter but I have a pretty old PC - It’s a e6300 core2duo with 4gb ram and a 750ti. Worked perfectly when I last used it in April. In my case, it could be related to updates but we’ll see.

When you have a few moments to spare, please check for graphic driver updates on the official card or PC manufacturer’s website. Once updated, before your next Zwift session, open your Task Manager and end task on any apps running in the background that aren’t necessary for Zwift. If you still experience graphical lag afterward, please email us at with all of the files in your \Documents\Zwift\logs folder attached and we’d be happy to help investigate!

Thanks for the reply David, just updated my drivers and after the next Zwift session I will let you know if this helped. Many thanks in advance


I had exactly the same problem. Turned out to be Dropbox, I keep a lot of large work files on it and installed it to my Zwift PC for my music folder. Everytime it downloded a ~500mb file there was a 1-2sec freeze. As soon as I realised I disabled my work folders on that PC and it was fixed.