Free trial at level 54?

What’s wrong with this picture. Hint: message on the bottom of the screen.

Hi @Gary_Vedvik

I’ll be sending you an email regarding this.

you fully paid up and not been using your monthly free allocation

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It doesn’t matter what level you are. If your account hasn’t renewed then you’ll see that message once you hit 24km


That’s still a Zwift problem since they have been auto charging every month for a few years usually on the12th day of the month.

And did they charge you this month? There are a number of reasons they might not have and they are not always in Zwifts control.

It’s not the 12th yet.


Check your billing, maybe they didn’t collect last month, it wouldn’t be the first time someone hasn’t been billed properly, the Apple store or what ever is called is regularly messed up from what I’ve read in the past

Now you’re just making stuff up. Yes, they did bill and get paid on the 12th of last month, just like they have every month for several years.

Take a look at this search

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Martin - there’s some folk it’s not worth trying to help.


Something I’ve come to realise. They just come on here to air their grievances rather than helping themselves.
Or to just have an argument.

See below. Already had this before and the appropriate advice.


Picking an argument? No. Someone that (actually) works at Zwift responded privately and indicted it’s a thing that happens sometimes when billing through Apple and essentially it can be ignored. That’s really all I was ever asking for was an explanation from someone that (actually) works at Zwift rather than some random person just throwing out guesses. But thanks anyway.

I recommend contacting Zwift support directly for billing problems. The forum is where you’ll always get responses from random people who can’t resolve billing issues.

One thing you can get from the forum that you won’t get from Zwift support is the advice to never use Apple to process the payment if you want to avoid renewal problems like this. If you pay on the web site it’s much more reliable. The problem you had is very common.

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Which is what I said, and got told I was making things up

That is a very reasonable suggestion. I’ve never had issues elsewhere, but now twice on Zwift. I actually wasn’t even sure how I initially setup billing years ago since I also use an Apple Credit Card, but I did make the switch moments ago.

No, you suggested they didn’t bill me last month.

Did you not read the search results I posted