France (Casse-Pattes) rides not saved

Last evening (2/4) at about 7:30 PM EST I did 5 consecutive free rides in France (Casse-Pattes). I entered the France world through the normal method (not through a workout). I used Zwift’s basic TT bike (I didn’t want to accidentally draft). Each ride was 1 mile long at various power levels. I saved each ride before returning to Zwift’s ride selection page to select the next Casse-Pattes ride. However, none of these rides show under Activities in the Zwift app nor on my Zwift feed. (I have never had this problem before in 5 years.)

After the above I did two more rides on a Tron bike – the “Stage 1: Race Like a Champ - Rolling Highlands” at 8:13 PM followed by a cooldown on Tempus Fugit. Both of these were correctly recorded.

Don Culp (profile 636022)

Rides don’t get saved if they’re less than 2km long.

Then Zwift shouldn’t give the option of saving such a ride or should at least give a warning. This 2 km limit seems arbitrary – just let the rider (not Zwift) decide.

In any case, I’m trying to do some speed calibrations at various power levels in 25 watt increments up to 225 watts. For each test I need to record the average power and average cadence.

200 watts for 1 mile (1.6 km) is difficult. 225 watts for 1 mile would require max effort. Thus, 225 watts for 2 km (1.24 mi) wouldn’t be possible. I can’t have any sections where I coast (to increase the distance up to 2 km) as these would affect the averages. Any suggestions?

If you can access the FIT file for the ride on your device, you could probably upload it to a 3rd party site like Strava

Since Zwift doesn’t save my ride (and, hence, my fit file), where else could I find my fit file?

On Mac/PC at least, FIT files are written to local storage. I’m not sure about other platforms. Documents → Zwift → Activities is the location.

Could you not sync your Zwift rides to a 3rd party like Training Peaks, do the effort then soft pedal to the 2km mark, save the ride and use the 3rd party to get the averages for the effort? I know in Training Peaks you can highlight the effort to get the averages you’re looking for.

Don, provided the file has saved, ie greater than 2km, the fit file can be downloaded from the ‘Activities’ tab on your ZwiftPower account.

You can then use a free online converter of fit file to excel and provided you have some excel experience you can most likely work out the figures you want and more accurately than Zwift’s rounded figures.

Yes for Windows 10.

Analyzing in Excel (or LibreOffice Calc) appears to give me what I need. It’s somewhat laborious but I only need to analyze a few test rides.

Glad that works for you. One advantage is you don’t have to be doing mile distances at those higher powers you mentioned.

Hi Don,

Steve, Paul, James and Ian gave some good information.

To add, Zwift doesn’t upload to your activity feed if it’s a ride under 2km and any run under 0.5km. This is to prevent clogging up your activity feed. Longer rides and runs should upload normally.

Your FIT files should still be saved on the device running Zwift if they’re under the 2km. You can get the FIT file following the steps in our Your Activity History and .fit Files guide Paul gave earlier.

We currently support integrations with adidas®, fitbit®, Garmin®, MAPMYRIDE®, Strava, TechnoGym, Today’s Plan, TrainingPeaks™, and Wahoo. We have more information about that in our Zwift and Third-party Platforms guide.

I’m not sure if you’re manually tracking your metrics in a spreadsheet or using a tool to convert it into a CSV. There are lots of FIT file to CSV converters you can use, then import your data into your CSV.

This seems akin to using a texting app that won’t save a record if the text is less than 100 characters. Then if I just want to respond “Thanks”, the app refuses to record since it knows (better than me) that such a short response couldn’t possibly be significant. (At a minimum the app should notify me that my response hasn’t been saved.)

Why not let the rider decide what is significant (to be saved or discarded)? I’m sure most riders don’t save short botched rides (wrong course, wrong bike, etc.).

I tried fromfittoxlsx for one fit file and it seemed to work OK.