FPS limit in settings

Having an option to limit FPS in game settings is very common. I wish this was an option on Zwift. Especially on MacOS where limiting FPS through a GPU driver panel is impossible. At the very least let us set a max in the config. I do not need Zwift to run unnecessary high frame rates.

Are these options not sufficient?

Hz is not the same as fps. The only reason this work is because the max fps is bound to the monitors refresh limit. This would be the equivalent of vsync. It is however nothing like a fps limit option, which is long overdue.

Reducing your monitor’s refresh rate each time you start Zwift is not a workaround, but rather a consequence of you reducing the monitor’s refresh rate.

You may not get very much engagement from Zwift here on the forum, but one of their senior developers can be found on Reddit. For some reason he doesn’t use the company forum though. Check out this…


Well, if that is his answer then that is very ignorant. Limiting the frame rate of a game is VERY common and an option that is available on almost all games.

Head over to Reddit and educate him about it :+1:

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Thanks, will definitely check the Reddit thread out. Have a great day :slight_smile:

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Perhaps it’s because Zwift doesn’t perceive itself as a game that it doesn’t have these settings.

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That’s as dumb as saying an EV isn’t a car…

It should be also stated that Zwift has already implemented a fps limit, but it only runs on battery saver. Just make an adaption of the exact same function. Easy peasy.

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