75 FPS frame cap?

Is there a max FPS rate in Zwift? with all resolutions 576p-1440p I get a constant 75 FPS with Vsync turned off. So is there a way to turn the frame rate cap off, or set it to 120FPS?

No I have not seen a FPS cap, look at https://zwiftalizer.com/benchmarks


Just FYI, I have 8700K CPU, 32gb 3200mhz CL15 RAM, and GTX 1060 3gb GPU, All overclocked. It can run Zwift at 65-70FPS in 2160p Ultra, so I know it should be more than powerful enough to run Zwift at a lot more than 75FPS in 1080p. That is why I am thinking it has to be a frame cap.

My max FPS is a lot higher than 75, also there are many on zwiftalizer higher than 75