Four things that are wrong with the Zwift events website

  1. It used to work, but not anymore.

If I am interested in an event, I click on it, read it and usually decide to get back on the main list again.

BEFORE: If I chose “Back” in my browser before, I would return to the previous event list at the very same position of the event I just inspected. No reloading, no down-scrolling, Full interactive speed.

NOW: If I choose “Back” in my browser now, the events page simply reloads. I need to scroll down to the event I just watched to continue with the list of other events. This is soooo slow. Scrolling down from e.g. 1am to 17pm takes time, but the reloading of the page is the second nightmare.

What has changed? Bring back the speed again!

  1. Please add a category on the main list which states how long the ride is. Either in minutes or kilometers. So far only the name of the event gives you a clue how long it’ll take on very few occasions. The “Route:” field gives you an idea about the character of the event, but not its length. Please force the event makers to supply this data in an entry mask or however events are currently submitted. This is probably the most important data one needs in order to decide whether this event is interesting or not.

  2. When inside an event, it doesn’t state which route it’s going anymore. Neither does it state how many kilometers are to be ridden. It’s a pain to google the route for each event in order to get its length and then multiply it with the number of laps.

  3. There are a lot of events, e.g. a steady ride over 160km with an average of 3.0W/kg in the B category.

Let’s assume our rider is capable of 3.5W/kg. A 3W/kg ride would require him to go at more than 85% of his FTP for 4-5 hours. No idea, how this is supposed to be possible, even mathematical if you calculate in fatigue, water loss and all other factors. Even if you are a 4W/kg rider it’s not going to be an easy ride endurance ride, but for an 3.2 watter, it’s impossible. So, shouldn’t this be rather a category A ride by its nature?


I agree.

I’ll add that to the list of third party sites we apparently have to use to get information about Zwift… – Manual – Race results and segment times – Calendar (Zwift support directed me to this since the Zwift one wasn’t working) / / other – Workout history and analysis – List of available workouts – Events

In my humble opinion, all of this should be contained within


For the amount they charge us each month (and that’s much more than you pay for high end games) this should all be implemented pretty quick. Still not sure why neither my Zwift screen nor the Zwift companion features average/normalized power. How many years people begged for this?

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