Found out why Kickr elevation resistance doesn't work sometimes

I don’t know it this is new to you guys.

If I choose the option “Just ride” the elevation resistance works on my Kickr. If I join in near a friend, the resustance doesn’t work.

Hope that helps…

I’ll add a data point the other way. I rode yesterday with “Just ride” and had constant resistance (i.e. it didn’t change based on slope).

I found that making sure no Bluetooth is on or near “the cave” and all is well.if I try to use Bluetooth for something during a session then resistance will be gone. And I always use just ride so I’m not able to address that issue.

More data points (for the past week week) …

  • I only ‘Just Ride’, no resistance issues with the Kicker yet
  • I’ve got a BT keyboard, my BT enabled 920xt connected to a Nexus 6 while riding - no problems yet

FWIW: I’m using a mid-tower computer with mini Garmin ANT+ USB stick plugged into one of the front ports on the case. It’s in front of the bike, approx 6 - 7 ft away from the Kicker