No resistance fluctuation with elevation changes fir Kickr

(Kurt Stock) #1

When i rode tonight the resistance didn’t increase when I rode up and down hills. Rather than having to consistently change gears to maintain a specific wattage I simply stayed in one gear. Still a good workout, but not nearly as realistic or fun. This was also the first time I’ve gone clockwise

(David Sack 50+) #2

I was good for the first 7 laps and then experienced the same thing.

(Johnny RCCSFC (D)) #3

probably lost connection and jumped out of SIM mode… grab your phone and wahoo app and switch to SIM mode… it should feel normal after that

(David Sack 50+) #4

Did that multiple times. Would not stay in after the 7th lap.

(Liam Stewart) #5

Noticed the same thing this morning - no resistance changes with elevation changes at all. Also used the wahoo app to get the Kickr into sim mode, but there was never any effect in Zwift.

(Patrick Foley) #6

I experienced the same problem yesterday. I used Zwift/Kickr for 2 weeks without any issue but noticed no resistance change immediately after Zwift updated and changed to clockwise direction. All data appears to be transmitting without issue (Zwift display matches local Garmin #'s).

(Matt Sharpe) #7

Same problem for me. I tried using the Wahoo app to switch the KICKR back to Sim mode, but no success. I will try again tonight.
Any thoughts Zwift?

(David Sack 50+) #8

If it was an intentional change for the Zwift users I prefer the previous setting. Did not like the non sim mode feeling at all.

(Christian Wiedmann [X] 50) #9

Not intentional as far as I can tell. The latest update seems intended to address this issue, and it did work for me. In today’s ride I started out in slope mode but Zwift switched it back to sim after about 3 seconds. Prior to this update, I would have had to use Wahoo Fitness to switch back to sim mode.

Unfortunately this fix also means I can no longer use Trainerroad to run the resistance on the Kickr while riding on the island.