Forced Steering Into Draft

Often when doing an ERG workout or even during free rides, I don’t want to be forcibly steered into the draft of passing riders. My preference during these types of rides is to be left alone so when I steer to a road position I don’t want to continually have to provide steering inputs in order to maintain my track because the game is pulling me toward passing riders.

It is extremely annoying to me when my avatar road position is influenced by draft dynamics. If I want the draft I will steer and apply power to try and close the gap. I don’t want the game forcing me into the draft requiring that I steer away from passing riders.

Anybody else feel this way?

It’s a little funnier when you’re on a TT bike and get pulled into the draft by the routing, it would be interesting if avatar routing would go for shortest line on a TT bike and maximum draft on a road bike.

I actually REEEEEEEEEALLY like Michael’s idea in general.

Bob; if you don’t want to be affected by others, why not do a workout on one of the non public worlds?
Alternatively; load in, disconnect from the internet, and then reconnect at the very end so it will auto upload the fit files.

You want to know whats funny, I was riding Eastern 8 the other day and I was pulling someone. I started to get close to a runner and once I got within 3M, my bike veered right to draft behind them, I blew threw them, dropped the bike rider behind me and kept going.

Should workout mode folk not get any draft at all, so they go at a speed similar to if they were riding totally alone in normal riding mode?

That would prevent their workouts being interrupted by all of us others.

@Chris_D9 It’s my understanding that when in ERG mode you do not get the benefit of reduced effort (power) when in the draft (which makes sense) but the avatar is still pulled toward riders as they draft by (which sucks).

In what aspect is it being interrupted though?
Someone drafting you, or you drafting someone has no affect on workouts, only the totalized speed changes when the person on the workout is on a road bike; if they’re on a TT, speeds and distances should be reasonably close time and time again.

The solution here again is, either do a workout on a world or route that isn’t public that day; or if all else fails; disconnect from the internet.
Or I guess… just look away from the screen?

That’s a question to ask the person who started the topic.

I have noticed that the workout mode riders will get pulled along quickly in a group. When a certain rider got spat out of the robopacer group “draft” while in workout mode, he slowed down dramatically (while his power remained the same).

He then disappeared and shortly after rejoined in workout mode again at a power level to sit just on the front of the robopacer group. So we increased pace and dropped him a second time, with Constance nicely following us.

@Andrew_Nuse The solution from my point of view is to change the steering dynamics (or draft dynamics) to allow the user to maintain his or her desired track without influence from the draft. If I want draft I will steer into it but I don’t want to continually have to provide corrections to avoid the draft in order to follow my desired route. Simple.

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That’s the same for everyone with steering, you get moved regardless.

That’s why I don’t use steering even though I have it with my kickr bike. It just ends up being annoying.

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@Chris_D9 :+1:

Your avatar is supposed to fall into draft regardless of any input; this is by design; and as far as I’m aware, part of the PD code as well, which ZHQ has stated a few times that they don’t want multiple versions of.

The whole steering situation needs looking through however; we still have far too many situations where users without steering won’t fall into those with steering, and vice versa.

That said; I’m still not completely sure I understand why this is such an issue, other than just a general request. I’ve given actual solutions, which will work, so you aren’t affected by others.
If it isn’t a request; then unfortunately there’s no real solution here as it’s just hard coded into Zwift to act this way.

@Andrew_Nuse If you read my original post I’m not looking for a solution. I am asking if anybody feels the same way I do regarding the grievance that I have described in the OP.

edit: While I appreciate your input I don’t find your recommendations an adequate “solution”.

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I don’t know about anybody else, but when I’m doing a workout I don’t give the tiniest s*&t about where the game chooses to move my avatar.

Hope this helps


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Understood. It’s not just workouts. Same dynamic applies to free rides. If I steer to a location to maintain a certain track that is what I want to do. I don’t want the game pushing me around. Don’t think this is too hard to understand.

Simply asking if anybody else is in agreement.