Can I draft behind a rider who is in workout mode?

…or is a workout rider completely independent?




In the early mornings most people are on workout mode it seems if I couldn’t draft of them I’d never draft off anyone ;). So yes, you can.


You can also draft in workout mode too, you won’t get the notification and of course it won’t alter the amount of watts it’s asking for, but you will go faster.

It’s probably not a great idea to draft someone in workout mode, especially if they’re in “ERG” mode.  The reason is that when you go down a hill, you’ll have to peddle like mad to put out any kind of watts where as the person in a workout will constantly be at whatever wattage the workout dictates, regardless of the hills.   For example, if I’m in a workout that is currently at my FTP wattage, I’ll be putting out 230 watts uphill and downhill.  For the most part, it’s kind of hard to put out 230 watts going downhill unless you pedal pretty darn aggressively in a big gear.

Hi all, 

You can draft all riders on a course no matter what they do or what bike they have (Workout mode, group ride, ERG mode etc.)

Even if you are doing a workout - you can draft, but it will give you no advantage as your workout is based on power and not speed. 

The only time when you can NOT draft is when you using a TT bike but don’t forget people can still draft you so watch out :) 


RIDE ON! :slight_smile:

Thanks Tom and Todd, 

Makes perfect sense!