Riders with a map on the handlebars?

What’s the deal with these riders with the maps on the handlebars? I don’t get it.

Those are riders that are doing a workout.
They can’t draft off other riders but others can draft off them.
The riders in workout mode also can not give ride ons.
I also think their restience does not change on the hills but I have a classical trainer so I don’t know for sure.

Tim is correct those riders are doing a workout and do not draft of others. The resistance on smart trainers does not change based on the terrain but their speed is still calculated based on the watts being produced, their weight, and air resistance of the rider/bike just like everyone else so they do not go any faster uphill doing a workout than they would in a free ride. Riders doing workouts can give ride ons thought.

Those riders doing a workout can draft off other riders, a few have been stuck on my wheel in the past.

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Riders in workout mode can give ride ons, at least on the iOS companion app.

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Paul is right. I’ve been collecting timing data for frames and wheel sets, and I do so in workout mode (with my Kickr’s ERG power smoothing enabled to help me keep a constant power output). I hate it when I end up in someone’s draft, because I have to throw out that data set. Even in workout mode, you go faster when in another rider’s draft–assuming you’re not on a TT bike.

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I use a laptop. When I work out, I can’t give RideOns.
I feel bad when people give them to me because I can’t give one back.
I did not know that you can with the campanion app.
There are several minor differences between the various platforms.