Hide Workout Riders

(2 RollingStoned) #1

Please provide a filter to allow us to hide all riders doing workouts. When free riding they are like zombies. Now I have nothing against zombies per se but they have nothing in common with free riders. Let us hide them to reduce congestion and improve the free ride experience. Thanks!

(Daren) #2

What do you mean by “they are like zombies”?

They’re still in the world, doing efforts. Can still speak etc. You can still draft them.

I don’t really get what the difference is. It’s really no different from riding with a free rider who does random sprints now and again is it?

(Nigel ) #3

Group workouts have the group riding incredibly slow. I gather the speed is governed by the slowest rider. I’ve given up doing them because it’s boring riding so slow.

(2 RollingStoned) #4

It’s just that they don’t interact with free riders. While we can draft them, they can’t draft us or respond to any other moves we make. No disrespect intended. I too am a proud zombie when doing workouts. Just seems like a make sense way of eliminating a lot of congestion and may also be (relatively) easy for the programmers to pull off.