Flying Bicycles

OK, I swear I’m not losing my mind. (“Last night maybe…Oh gawd…” – Hendrix).

ANYWAY, on a recent ride I saw two bike fly over my head. No; I don’t think they were on a see-through overhead roadway like in the New York route.

Anyone else spotted this? What the heck?



That do happen from time to time, I don’t know why but sometimes it is funny.

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5 years later it still happens all the time


Yep. Sometimes harmless fun and weird stuff like that can bring some variety in a ride :slight_smile:

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OK, that’s hilarious – glad I haven’t completely lost my marbled.

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Beware of the low altitude flying bikes… :rofl:

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Not flying, but certainly wandering…

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I’ve been a flying bike twice. Happened when I was with a pace bot and paused or exited (can’t remember exactly). When I restarted it was like Zwift forgot where I was and drifted me to the nearest road. When I reached a road it snapped back to normal. In Strava the tracking shows a dead straight line between two parts of Watopia

edit: just remembered more about the last one. The iPad got to 10% battery and the warning crashed Zwift. When I restarted and Zwift asked if I wanted to continue, I was placed flying in mid-air

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This can happen when a rider LATE-joins a group-ride, for example, and you will see the message “looking for riders”… as Zwift transports the late-comer to the rest of the group. I think this can happen, too, when joining the Pace Partners… The other instances, mentioned below, not involving flying bikes, but rather steering-enabled setups who delight in defying the “physics” of staying on the road! Yesterday, coming around the Volcano into downtown, I saw multiple Zwifters cutting the corner of a roadway, and driving right through the guard-rails. But that’s nothing! There was a floating bear, too! LOL.


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Stray and flying bikes exist outside the parameters you listed, or/and long before the dependent “feature” were added. Multiple stray riders sometimes appear to be taking the same path, as if there was actually a road there… (which resulted in flying bikes in NY…)

(it’s a nice theory, nonetheless…)