Flie on Zwift is a txt file

Hi When trying to upload a Zwift file to Strava (it crashed) - the file I found on zwift is a txt file, and strava says it needs to be a different format. 


Any ideas?  Cheers

The .fit files are located in documents\zwift\activities and those are the ones you would upload to Strava.

Also, make sure that you have Strava connected to Zwift: https://my.zwift.com/profile/connections


Thanks Paul - I found that txt file by clicking 3 times on the Zwift logo on my iphone (I was using the iphone to record the ride) - I am guessing that is the incorrect file?  Where would the documents be on an iphone? Thanks.

Are you emailing the .fit files, the txt files I believe are the log files.

I think you can use iTunes to get the files also.

Open iTunes 

Click on the Phone icon on the top left

Click File Sharing

Scroll down to Zwift 

Click on the Zwift folder

Click Save To… and save it to your desktop

Open the folder you just saved to your desktop and you should see an activities folder with the .fit files