Flagged by Zwift

 I’m not entirely sure what I did incorrectly.  I’m new to Zwift and on today’s ride, I cranked out the wattage on a downhill section of the London course.  Zwift flagged my ride, indicating my configuration may not be correct.  I checked everything; the speed sensor, cadence monitor, and I made sure I selected the correct trainer.  Everything was correct, but I know I’m not that good!  Granted, it was a confidence booster, but I’m someone that’s out of shape trying to get in shape.

Any suggestions?

More information is needed to assist you in resolving your issue.

Hi Jen,

I had a similar experience after I got my Wahoo Kickr online used.  Turns out it was an early version of the product and it was outdated.  I didn’t get flagged as a “flyer” but I can see how I could have been had I not stopped when I saw the power numbers I was generating.  The steps below completely fixed my potential “flyer” situation.

  1. If you’re trainer has firmware, update it.  This usually is done through a separate app.  For example if you have a Wahoo Kickr, get the Wahoo Utility app and utilize it to connect to your trainer and check the firmware version.
  2. Calibrate your trainer.  Ride for approx. 20 minutes at a moderate pace and then use the utility app you downloaded in Step 1 to calibrate it.

Outdated firmware and improper calibration can cause your trainer to tell Zwift that you’re generating much more power than you actually are.

Good luck with your fitness goals on Zwift after you get your trainer squared away. :slight_smile: