Fizzy feet (pins and needles)

Hello All,

I am finding that afer about 45 minutes I start to get a tingle in my toes, that feels a bit like pins and needles, can anyone offer a cause and possible solution to this issue as I don’t want to ride for too long and end up with some real issues.

Also, I am very new to Zwift and when riding I find that I focus on watts and don’t have any real consistency instead fluctuating by 40-50 watts on aoocasion, should I focus on something else, is it my trainer (elite direto) or just a lack of pedalling consistency? I also don’t take any real notice of cadence, is that a massive mistake please?

Apologies for all the questions, but hopefully you experts out there can offer some assistance.

You could try loosening your shoes. Having them too tight can cause numbness or tingling I believe.

Power fluctuations (assuming you’re on flat road) are probably partly down to pedalling technique as you say. Cadence can affect it; I find a higher cadence (e.g. 90) makes for smoother power overall, but even trying to maintain a smooth cadence my power can vary.

For example, here’s some Strava analysis of a 2km flat segment I did a while ago. Even though my cadence is relatively stable, the power varies by around 60W from lowest (237 I think) to highest.

Also, you’ll see a lot more variability if you have the power display showing 1 second power; if you change that to 3-second average it’ll appear less variable (even thought your actual power with still vary).

Hi Michael.

Pins and needles is often caused by a cut off blood supply to the nerves. Is the problem only when you ride and do you have the same problem if you ride outside? Shoes being too tight or poorly fitting can be a cause. Also if you use cleats the cleat set up/alignment could be a problem. You may also consider a bike fit if you ride quite a bit.

Yes your feet swell while cycling, could be something else too. Found this blog post with a quick google search: