Spiky power readings

Hi , I’m trying to figure out whether I’m just really crap at Zwift or there is something wrong with my power readings . During races or group rides my power readings seem to vary far more than other’s . I’ve experimented with riding at slower cadences (less than 80) and/or to really focus on pedaling in circles ( which does seem to make for slightly better power consistency) and I’ve compared my trainer power with my crankset power meter (they seem to match ) . So I’m inclined to think I need to pedal circles more or not worry about closing gaps as much. Example attached

Hi Andrew,
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your power readings or your zwifting.

Sure, it is possible to surge less and have smoother, more efficient outputs, but I’ve checked out a variety of your rides and compared them to some of mine as well as with a selection of rides by people who are very experienced and accomplished here. There’s nothing really out of the ordinary in yours, in my opinion.

I think you’ve identified the crux of the matter in your question: riding in Zwift with others, who aren’t putting out steady power themselves, makes it nigh-on impossible not to yo-yo to some extent. (Probably more so than in real life, where it’s easier to gauge and anticipate distances to others, speeds, etc.)

Check your settings to see if you have it set to 1 second power instead of 3 seconds. Three smooths out the spikes a bit.

graph looks normal 2 me.

even if riding at same pace there will still be slight power variance with every stroke.

wouldn’t worry about it too much - although yes pedalling more smoothly reduces the impact on the legs, sudden spikes are punishing but useful if you want to make an attack (or forced to chase one).