(Fixed) Companion App/Apple Watch issues?

I Am having the same issue -no HR display- with my AW 6.0.1 both on cycling in front my Apple TV TvOS 13 or running in front my Iphone 6S IOS 13. Also I cannot see any heart rate data recorded in Zwift Activity .fit file.

As above, are you on iOS 13.1.3

Apple fixed a pairing issue with the watch and iPhone. Update your phone, then restart everything, unplug all your tech and then set it all up again and it should work fine.

Hey Everyone!

We released a new update for both iOs & watchOS to address any crashes you may have experienced.

Please update both devices to the latest Zwift versions, and completely restart your phone/watch.

Mike, thanks. I can confirm that it is back to the way it was. Unfortunately, that means that it continues to disconnect randomly usually during the first 5 or so minutes of a ride. It does manage to reconnect itself, but this is a pretty common occurrence. I even reboot my watch and phone prior to every ride. Set up is Apple TV, iPhone XS Max with Companion App, and Apple Watch Companion App.

Hopefully, you’re reading this far. I wish the team at Zwift would consider fixing some of the listed elevations for rides. I saw you fixed the Yorkshire UCI Loop. Today, I rode Greater London 8 which is listed as 912 feet of climbing. Actual climb is around 780 feet. There are a few in your system that are off significantly. Seems like easy fixes that can be confirmed by riding them or visiting zwiftinsider.com.

Just some constructive criticism.

Thanks a lot.

Hmmm… This seemed to make it worse. Mine keeps cutting out now. I have to keep opening the watch and reconnecting. I wonder if this is perhaps something to do with the Watch 5 and always on functionality? You can see the times my watch dropped out. On the fifth time I gave up and left it.

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I’m having issues with my new Apple Watch 4 and iPhone 11. I managed to run a couple of times with HR from the Apple Watch appearing in my Zwift run but for the past couple of days I cannot do anything to get the app to recognise the watch anymore.
I have UA Hovr Sonic 2 shoes that pair fine with Zwift but the watch no longer will. I’ve reset the watch, power cycled both devices, installed and reinstalled Zwift and the Companion App but cannot get the watch to appear in the bluetooth list.

As far as I’m aware both apps are up to date, watch is on OS 6.1 and my phone is currently updating to 13.2 (we’ll see if that makes a difference).

Anyone else still having problems?

I was having the issue three or four weeks ago following a new Zwift update, then it was fixed. Now, after the 1.0.42345 update three days ago, it’s not recognizing Apple Watch HR monitor again.

I tried the usual protocol: delete app, companion app. restart iPhone. restart Apple Watch. Re-install both app and companion. Nothing has worked. Waiting for bug fix.

I’m having the same issue. iPhone X. The last few times I have chosen my Bryton chest monitor. It shows it’s connected, but then no heart rate data is recovered or displayed. ButI know the data was recorded by my watch because it shows up on other apps.

So frustrating.