First time, struggling to get 30watts

I cycle quite a bit in the real world, anywhere between 100-150 miles a week. I’m quite steady not fast but wouldn’t say I’m totally unfit.

Have put my bike on a dumb trainer, bought a speed sensor and downloaded zwift. Was going flat out and people were running past me.

Is zwift meant to be this hard? Any tips for what I’m doing wrong, is it likely to be my turbo trainer set up? If so how do I fix it please?

Can you give us a run down of your setup, the more detail the better.

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I have a specialized tricross bike with an 8sp cassette. It’s a dumb trainer, I’m not sure of the model, I bought it from decathlon years ago, it says “elite” on it.

This is the speed sensor.

I’m running zwift on my iPad and just downloaded the app yesterday so it’s up to date.


I’ve googled for the trainer. Looks like it’s an elite volare magnetic trainer. It looks like this one.

What trainer are you selecting on the Zwift Pairing Screen?
What is the resistance set at on the trainer?
What size wheel do you have on your bike?
What wheel size are you selecting?
Where is the speed sensor mounted on your bike (I am guessing on the hub, but I need to ask)?

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I just selected unknown trainer at the bottom
The trainer has a handlebar mounted resistance dial and I tried it on different resistance and while it made the resistance harder or easier the watts didn’t change much, if the resistance was harder I was pedalling slower, if the resistance was less I was pedalling faster so guess my output was. Same.
Tyres are 70x32 which is what I selected.
Speed sensor is on the hub

You should select the Elite Volare Mag Speed Alu (I believe that is the trainer name) in the Zwift Pairing Screen.

Make sure you set your resistance to the setting that is displayed when selecting that trainer and DO NOT change it.

Make sure you are selecting the 700x32 wheel size.


Thanks, will try that.

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That’s made a big difference, thankyou.