First time racing today

Okay, just looking for some general information on racing for a first timer. I generally come on and do long recovery rides and push myself has hard as I can for an hour and a half or so. I find this limits my frequency, however, because I don’t always have two or three hours on a given night to ride.

So I tried a race today. It said stage two, so I’m wondering if there is something like tdz going right now for racing?

Also, I couldn’t figure out how I kept getting it, because it didn’t seem to be at checkpoints, but what is the bonus that looks like a white croc with BB where the toes should be?


From the sound of it, you did Stage 2 of Race Scotland. Zwift has a monthly theme for the Zracing series (note these are pretty short races, meant for warmup, race, and cooldown to happen in 1 hour), and this month it is about Scotland to celebrate the release of the new map (for today’s UCI eSports World championships). I’m guessing the powerup is the Breakaway Burrito- that’s what the “BB” is/stands for.
Stage 2 is on Glasgow Crit Circuit, and there is a point right before the climb where the is a powerup spinner. I think the races have limited powerups (just burrito?), so that’s why you kept getting that one.

If you are unfamiliar with Zwift racing, I would DEFINITELY read this article about how the burrito (claimed by many to be evil) works. Misused Zwift Powerups: the Breakaway Burrito | Zwift Insider
Zwift Insider is chock-full of information to up your racing game.

Thank you! Burrito you say? I’ll have to look again. An hour sounds like it might be great. Is this zracing something I can find most days?

It looks like according to ZwiftHacks that zRacing Stage 3 starts from tomorrow.

Yep. On the :10 of almost every hour, every day. The course changes weekly, as @Kat said.
As one of Zwift’s primary official events, there are almost always a good number of people signed up for each time slot.