First ride on Zwift and results will not post. Had to manually upload .fit files to Strava.

I did an hour long test ride to tryout Zwift and saved my ride when finished but the results did not post. I am linked to Strava and they did not post either. I did find out how to manually upload my .fit files to Strava so I know the Zwift ride was recorded. How do I get my results to post to Zwift?

Thank you.

You must link the accounts in Strava and Zwift.  If that has been done you may be riding on a free trial.  If you have not paid for your account the ride may not auto upload to Strava.  

Thanks for the reply. Yes it is a free trial. Is this also why my activities are not being logged? Is this documented anywhere?

A friend that just starting Zwifting this week was on his free trial and had the same issue.  He signed up today and did a ride with me and his ride saved over to Strava without a problem.  

Ok. Hopefully someone with zwift will respond to my support ticket before the trial is up. I guess they take a long time.