First ride on iPad bummer: photos permission

I really enjoyed my first ride! However, I had my iPad sitting aways in front of me, so I couldn’t tap the screen. I didn’t realize the screen was intended to be tapped, I thought it would just be for me to see my avatar.
But since it was out of my reach, and I didn’t want to interrupt my ride, I saw this “Swift Would Like to Add to your Photos” for a big chunk of my ride:

Any way that could avoid being popped up on first ride? Or maybe put something that says I should have it within arm’s reach, or allow me to say “my iPad isn’t within arm’s reach” ?

Thanks, and nice job on the app!

I am curious as to why you didn’t just get off and tap the notification. :thinking:

I think @evan-zwift said this was being looked at

@Karl_Becker Sorry about that! The upside is that once you grant this permission, you won’t have to do it again (as long as you don’t re-install the game), but nonetheless it’s not a good first-time experience.

Correct! We’re changing this to ask for your Photos permission on the Pairing screen instead, before you start an activity. We’re targeting having this change go out early next month.

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