No automatic photos taken during ride since May 28th

No automatic photos during rides taken since May 28, 2021. I run Zwift on a PC with the current updates.
Is this a known bug or isolated instance?

I’ve had intermittent ride photos since the last update on the Apple TV. Been years since the I had any issues w/the AppleTV and ride photos. As such, I’m thinking it was the latest update. Annoying, but no biggie. I’m hopeful they’ll sort it out in the next update.

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I’m seeing the same issue since the update (Windows with the photo upload setting ‘Always’). I also experienced that F10 doesn’t work, at least in hud-less mode.


I don’t use the auto screenshot feature, but manual F10 shots are working as normal for me. Multiple machines.

I rarely use the manual screenshot facility, unless riding a new course (or see something particularly out of the ordinary), but apart from my 3km warmup up a couple of days ago, have not had a ride recently that didn’t have at least one screenshot at the end, so seems to be working normally for me.

Hi David!
Same for me (on Windows PC), since a couple of days no automatic picture is taken/uploaded.
Reading this here it seems like a general issue which hopefully gets fixed with the next “Update”!?