First ride - feedback

(Neil Lythaby ZTR (C)) #1

I am new to the beta and just completed my first ride of 28 miles. I am a mid-aged weekend warrior currently enjoying my midlife crisis through an increasing fetish for carbon and Lycra. I am a fair weather cyclist using Trainerroad with Sufferfest videos when cycling indoors.

The software worked ‘out of the box’ and without a crash or a freeze. I am running on a PC rig that I used for MMO gaming a couple of years ago, Win 7 64bit Ultimate, Nvidia 580GTX, dual monitors using 50” TV screen as my main and a Watt bike using Garmin HR and USB ANT+.

Over all I really enjoyed the experience and have to say that having done the session when I got off the bike and had a shower I felt like I had actually be out and done a ride. This sensation isn’t something I normally associate with a turbo session!

Current functionality I appreciate is limited due to it being beta but what is there is pretty good. The AI seems a bit jumpy and hard to ‘lock on’ to but seeing others and seeing what other people are doing if even I wasn’t able to compete with KOMs and sprints it does add to the immersion of it all. Importantly it was very enjoyable and the short course offers a decent workout! 

My 2p worth so far;

Improved functionality in the software pre and post ride, be it adjusting my avatar or my virtual equipment, reviewing history, analysing post ride data or just general noseyness of activity on the island etc. etc. That said Strava does offer most of this but it would be nice to do some of this in game.

During the ride it would be good to have the option for a ghost of your previous lap as well as interval or segment stats. Ghost riders could also be set as a selectable option as pacers etc. Loads of options there I guess.

FTP- when designing workouts this will be necessary I guess but having an indicator of which zone you are in could be useful. Also the avatar could respond to zone changes as well as speed/cadence.

Solo vs Group – I can see the attraction for having access to both types of rides and workouts or even mixing up a 1 hour HIT session with a further hour or so of steady pace work in a group. Having the option for NPC lead group rides is also something I think I would like to tag on especially on longer routes.

Sound – I didn’t hear much and the only noise noticeable was the music at the top of Deliverance and the road noise on the descents. Not sure if I missed something there but I think my sound was working ok.

Looking forward to my next ride already – great work!