Finding ERG mode

I have a Tacx flux s. I have used the Tacx training app on power (erg) mode and it works fine. But when on Zwift I don’t even see the ERG mode when doing a workout. It’s simply not there. I’ve followed all the Zwift videos explaining things - but they all assume you can see the ERG mode on the ‘bat’
I don’t ever see it.
Any ideas?

Have you got the “controllable” trainer device paired? If you’re using ANT+, make sure you pick the FE-C device.

I using my iPhone SE on blue tooth and linking up with the Tacx through controllable - if that makes sense

I wonder if something is still paired to the Tacx app that it messing things up? So you’ve got both power and controllable paired in Zwift?

Thanks Steve. I’ll try deleting the Tacx training app and see what that brings

Hi are you using a tablet if so press the bottom of the screen and a help bar appears with option such as turning around and ERG mode and messaging

I think I’ve done it. Think it was as simple as connecting with Controllable. Think I’d just been connecting with ‘Power Source’

I specifically clicked Controllable this time and ERG came up - for the first time. Hurray!

Thanks guys

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I’ve been looking everywhere for this answer. So weird that Zwift does not mention this in the video’s I had the exact same problem. Fixed now, thanks

You mean like this.