Find When I Completed a Given Route?

Is there a way to search to my history in Zwift for when I completed a given route?

I have the badge for completing Dust in the Wind, but Strava is not showing that I completed it. I don’t remember when I did it, so I’m not sure how to find that day’s activity to try to figure out why it is not in Strava. I figure I either failed to upload it, or the start/end of the Strava Segment may be a little off compared to Zwift. I can’t diagnose without knowing when I did that route, though.

Hi @Scott_McCauley
Sorry to say that level of detail is not visible from your end, but I can see your history on our server logs. You unlocked Dust in the Wind at December 10 @ 10:39am UTC.

You may already know how to manually upload your workout files to Strava, but for anyone who finds this thread in the future: see this page on our The embedded video @01:08 shows how to download your FIT file for a specific workout so you can push it to Strava.

Ride On!

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Thank you!