Feeling really bummed for missing my last ride on Academy Road

I signed up for academy road. On my zwift app it said it ended on Oct 10th.

I went away for 10 days in the middle. I then had covid for a week. I busted my ass last week doing the rides expecting to finish today only to find that the last opportunity was yesterday.

I look at Academy Tri and it says Nov 21 is the last day but on the website it says Nov 20, so clearly this is a bug. Really disappointing. Not sure I’ll bother signing up for another.

It ended at 08:59 UTC on October 10th.

I’m really sorry you weren’t able to finish.

Thanks James

Seems a bit arbitrary. Might have been more helpful if it said Oct 9th in the app just like the website so I could have planned accordingly. I guess I’ll know for next time.

If you need me to check on any future campaigns, please do ask me and I’ll be happy to double check it for you.

Hope you’re feeling better now.

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