Feedback after a couple of weeks testing

I’m riding a Wattbike Pro connected to a 15" 64bit Win7 laptop with an iPhone 4S on my bars

Both the PC and the iOS apps have been rock solid - zero glitches or slow downs. The only performance criticism would be that there is occasionally a very slight delay to the on screen gestures from the iOS app

My observations and requests in no particular order…

I’d like the watts/KG graphic increased in size as I find it hard to read

I’d like the see a mini map of the course showing the other rider positions and sprint points/climbs. I’d prefer the two profile windows combined into one showing a zoomed profile of the last/next two miles and the current gradient

I’d like to see a wind direction/strength indicator and have it effect the riders speed/drafting

As others have mentioned the AI drafting isn’t realistic. The real rider drafting is better, but still doesn’t feel ‘real’

In the past I’ve used Garmin Connect to create workouts to follow on my 800. Recently I’ve switched to TrainerRoad and their Workout Creator is really good. Please add a Workout Creator based on FTP into Zwift

Please can you add a pressed state to the gesture buttons in the iOS app

I’d prefer the camera and ‘I’m Done’ buttons to swap places in the iOS app

Great job so far!!

Just updated as Feature Requests. I can see both forums are kinda blending together, so we’ll be thinking of ways to make them easier to navigate.

The watts kg metric could probably just be a diff color to make it a little easier to read, but it is a little small. Perhaps make it more noticeable but optional. I really don’t care to see what others w/kg are if I’m getting on just to ride anywho.